Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Not very crafty this week

I just realized it's been a week with no post - I haven't been playing with paper this week, but I plan to see the girls for Crop Club tomorrow.  Maybe I'll have something fun to share afterwards.

The weather this morning was a bit of a shock.  Fortunately I can walk to work...and I had some fun snapping photos on my Blackberry along the way.
 Bastion Square was all dressed up in white, with pedestrians walking in single file to keep their feet dry.
And I'm amazed I was able to catch the intersection of Government and Fort at 8:30 this morning with no traffic!  Isn't downtown Victoria great?



  1. Lovely photos!!! Especially like the top one - where is that!

  2. Hi Glenda - That's Bastion Square, between Government and Wharf.