Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Returning with butterflies.

So I didn't do much crafting over the summer and definitely no blogging. I'm happy to say I was spending my time playing outside instead. One of these days I'll throw up some more paddling photos.

Since the weather started to change I've spent a lot more time playing with paper. I've done a number is card series-making multiples of similar style cards. Here's the first set, based on a similar card I made while ago. I actually made another set of the leaf cards before branching out to the butterflies.
I stamped happy birthday crocked on one card and then tried multiple shadows. I didn't like that so tried fixing it with an overlay. It's not great, but I guess that happens some times.

I'll save the next set for next time. And I should be blogging more as I learn to use Blogger on the iPod. It's much easier when I can take photos and blog all on the same device!

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  1. These are all fantastic! Love the hit of bright colour.