Tuesday, May 17, 2011


I"m a bad blogger.  Life got busy and the blogging stopped.  Opps!  I also haven't made that many cards in the last month or so.  I will go back and show you what you missed soon, but first, last week's Tiki cards.

My friends Heather and Terry got married last Saturday in Vancouver's one and only Tiki Bar at the Waldorf Hotel.  It was a great night and a really fun locale.  I especially enjoyed seeing Heather and Terry's happiness and spending time with old friends.  (I no longer live in Vancouver, so it's been a long time since I got to hang out that fantastic group of people.)

I let the wedding theme be the inspiration for my card and made a very untypical wedding card - which also fits with the theme of the wedding!  I don't think the card ended up as funky and cool at the bride and groom's style, but I like it.  And I think I hit the Tiki them without going out and buying any new supplies (oh, the restraint!), staying masculine enough for a couple, and in keeping with their graphic/clean and simple style.  What do you think?

Supplies: Stampin' Up solid cardstock in black, white, and I can't remember the name of the pink and the yellow.  DP from the Dollar Giant.  Amuse stamp, borrowed from Glenda. Flower also from Glenda.  Techniques:  Cuttlebug textures that I can't remember the name of...bad Jo!!

As it turned out, the card colours also pretty much match the drinks I enough that night - a yellowish El Diablo, a Pink Lady, and a Blue Hawaiian.  :)

My policy for wedding gifts to to give the couple what they want - so I got them a MEC gift card.  Apparently they are always in need of more bike gear!  (See the restraint - I could have used this as an excuse to buy a great vintage bicycle stamp to match their cruiser style bikes!!)   I made the gift card to match the card.  What do you think? (Front, back, and interior, respectively)

 I really used a lot of different supplies and techniques on the gift card holder.  In addition to those listed for the card (above), I used the Stampin' Up word window and circle punches to make the opening for the card, three additional Amuse stamps including the little pink flower in the middle of the flowers (I now wishing I'd embossed all of the black stamps.  Oh well!), some flowers I was gifted when I bought my Cuttlebug (thanks Melissa), Stampin' Up brads, the card holder pattern from a former class by Glenda, and coloured some areas with pencil crayons and then used the technique I learned from Jessica of There She Goes clear stamps to blend them out.  (It involves odorless mineral spirits.)

Heather's so awesome that she sent out a thank you email before I even got this posted to the blog!  

Thanks for checking in,

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